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Actra Africa Consulting


  • Concept Acceptance Testing: Evaluating the target market’s response and acceptance of a new product potential before launch.
  • Pricing Studies: Assessing consumers’ price sensitivity and willingness to pay for a product, aiding in setting optimal pricing strategies.
  • Product Space Mapping: Analyzing the competitive landscape to identify product opportunities and gaps in the market.


  • Usage & Attitude: Understanding consumer behaviors and attitudes towards a brand or product.
  • Brand Trackers: Monitoring brand performance and perception over time, tracking changes and identifying areas for brand improvement.
  • Retail & Shopper: Analyzing consumer behavior in retail environments to enhance shopper experiences and boost sales.


  • Customer Satisfaction: Gathering feedback from customers to gauge their level of satisfaction with products or services.
  • Churn Management: Identifying reasons for customer churn and developing strategies to reduce attrition.
  • Employee Engagement: Evaluating employees’ levels of satisfaction and commitment to improve productivity and retention.


  • Outlet Census: Conducting a comprehensive count and profiling of outlets within a specific market or area.
  • Retail Audit: Gathering data on product availability, visibility, and pricing in retail locations.
  • Mystery Shopping: Using undercover shoppers to assess service quality and compliance with company standards.


  • Audience Ratings Surveys: Measuring media consumption habits and viewership to guide advertising and content strategies.


  • Conducting studies and surveys related to agricultural practices, crop yield, farming techniques, and agricultural market trends.


  • Collecting data from households to understand various socio-economic aspects, consumer behavior, and lifestyle choices.


  • Conducting surveys to gauge public opinions on various social, political, or economic topics to inform decision-making.

Tailored Solutions for Industry Specific Insights.

With meticulous attention to detail, we have crafted these cutting-edge solutions to deliver tangible value and unparalleled insights specific to each industry.

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  • Monitoring & Evaluation Framework Development: We craft comprehensive frameworks to effectively monitor and evaluate projects, ensuring accountability and optimal results.
  • Theory of Change and Log Frame Tracking: We track the theory of change and log frames, mapping the expected outcomes and assessing project progress against predefined indicators.
  • Indicator Measurement: Our meticulous approach includes measuring and analyzing key indicators, providing valuable insights for project impact assessment.
  • Lessons Generation: We derive valuable lessons from project experiences, facilitating continuous improvement and informed decision-making.
  • Impact, Causality, and Result Measurement: We rigorously measure project impact, causality, and results, providing a clear understanding of outcomes and their drivers.
  • DCED Standards: We adhere to the DCED (Donor Committee for Enterprise Development) standards, ensuring rigorous evaluation practices in our development projects.
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Our evaluations align with the SDGs, enabling organizations to contribute effectively to global sustainable development efforts.
  • Tracking National Goals: We monitor and assess progress toward national goals, helping organizations align their efforts with broader development agendas.
  • Socio-Economic Studies: We conduct in-depth socio-economic studies, providing valuable insights into various aspects of communities and markets.
  • Face to Face Interviews: Our skilled researchers conduct face-to-face interviews, gathering comprehensive data for informed decision-making.
  • Nationally Representative Samples: We ensure data accuracy and representation through nationally representative sample collection.
  • Semi-Structured Interviews: We engage in semi-structured interviews to explore specific topics while allowing for participant-driven responses.
  • Focus Group Discussions: Our interactive focus group discussions uncover diverse perspectives, facilitating deeper insights into target audiences.
  • Mobile-Based Surveys: We leverage mobile technology for efficient data collection, enabling real-time information gathering.
  • SMS-Based Surveys: With SMS-based surveys, we reach broader audiences, making data collection accessible and inclusive.
  • Brand Tracking: We monitor brand performance over time, guiding branding strategies and marketing decisions.
  • Product and Concept Testing: Our rigorous testing ensures the viability and potential success of products and concepts.
  • Desk Research: We conduct comprehensive desk research, drawing from existing data and literature to enrich our insights.
  • Street Intercept Studies: Our street intercept studies provide real-time data, capturing on-the-spot responses from passersby.
  • Geo-spatial Mapping and Analysis: We integrate geo-spatial mapping and analysis to understand geographic trends and patterns.
  • Usage and Attitude Studies: We explore consumer behaviors and attitudes towards products and services, guiding marketing strategies.
  • Market Analysis: We conduct thorough market analysis to understand market dynamics and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Theory of Change: Our approach includes mapping the theory of change to guide project interventions and expected outcomes.
  • Making Market Work Approach: We adopt the making market work approach to drive sustainable development within market systems.
  • Logical Framework: We develop logical frameworks that outline project goals, objectives, and the means to achieve them.
  • Sustainability Analysis and Framework Development: Our focus on sustainability analysis ensures long-term project success and impact.
  • Systemic Change Measurement: We measure systemic changes within market systems, tracking transformative outcomes.
  • Poverty and Livelihoods Analysis: We analyze poverty and livelihoods data to inform development strategies and interventions.
  • Job Creation Measurement: We assess the impact of projects on job creation and employment opportunities.
  • Mapping Market System Structures: We map market system structures, understanding the dynamics between stakeholders.
  • Micro and Meso Level Political Economy and Gender Analysis: Our comprehensive analysis includes examining political economy and gender dynamics at micro and meso levels.
  • Assessment and Audit: We conduct assessments and audits to evaluate environmental and social impact, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Regulatory Reporting: Our team provides detailed regulatory reporting for environmental and social impact assessments.
  • Compliance Audit: We perform compliance audits to assess adherence to environmental and social standards.
  • Environmental Site Assessment: We conduct site assessments to understand environmental implications for projects.
  • Environmental Inspection: Our inspections verify environmental compliance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Physical Planning: We assist in physical planning, considering environmental and social factors in project development.
  • Change of User: Our expertise includes assessing environmental and social impact when changing land use.
  • Building Control: We evaluate building projects for compliance with environmental and social standards.
  • Social Impact: We assess the social impact of projects, considering community well-being and engagement.
  • Awareness Raising: We conduct awareness-raising campaigns to promote gender and youth development issues.
  • Impact Assessment: Our impact assessments gauge the effectiveness of gender and youth development initiatives.
  • Evaluation: We evaluate gender and youth development projects to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Indicators Monitoring: We track key indicators to measure progress in gender and youth development efforts.
  • Statistics, Information, and Measurement: Our research includes gathering statistics and information to inform policy and decision-making.
  • Gender Sensitive Stakeholder Consultation Policy: We engage in gender-sensitive stakeholder consultations, ensuring inclusive development.
  • Women and Youth Economic Empowerment Analysis: We analyze opportunities for women and youth economic empowerment.
  • Partner Assessment Tools: Our partner assessment tools evaluate the suitability of collaborators within the value chain.
  • Market and Value Chain Mapping: We map market and value chain structures, understanding connections and flows.
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Our stakeholder analysis identifies key players and their roles in the value chain.
  • Market and Value Chain Analysis: We analyze market and value chain dynamics to drive efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Stakeholder Mapping: Our stakeholder mapping highlights critical relationships within the value chain.
  • Competitive Analysis: We conduct competitive analyses to understand market forces and opportunities.