We take ownership and delight in delivering solutions that inspire clients to act and attain their potential.

Enhance Your Business Decisions with the Power of Market Intelligence.

Partnering with Actra Africa Consulting means gaining access to a wealth of insights and strategic business implications that will set you apart in today’s competitive landscape. Our proven track record of empowering healthcare, retail, financial, energy, and consumer product companies speaks volumes about our ability to identify hidden opportunities and drive growth. By leveraging not only traditional data but also behavioral insights, operational metrics, and social media analytics, all powered by advanced technologies, we create a comprehensive and dynamic picture of your customers, challenges, competition, and sources of growth


Value Chain Application

Support clients to apply a value chain approach. We have expertise in designing the frameworks, undertaking analysis including stakeholder and value chain mapping and providing information for leveraging opportunities that will empower and impact on the targeted project relationships and behaviors’.

Gender & Youth Development

Integration of gender and youth perspective into the preparation, design, implementation, analysis audit and monitoring and evaluation of issues, with a view of supporting partners to tackle discriminatory practices and challenging the roles and stereotypes that affect inequalities and exclusion among women, men and the youth.

Social & Commercial Research

The team has practical skills to design and undertake both commercial and social research projects, all tailored to the needs of the clients. These include quantitative, qualitative and mixed method approaches applying innovative technological advances where practically applicable

Market Systems Development

Through the market systems approach provide market analysis, implementation, results measurement and impact tracking solutions that address the root causes of market failures to meet the needs of vulnerable and other target populations. We specialize in core areas that impact on the livelihoods and well-being of the population such as climate change, etc..

Monitoring & Evaluation

These stages include development of monitoring, evaluation and results measurement frameworks, undertaking baselines, aligning indicators and results to project theories of change, assessing risks, determining project impact and use of appropriate data collection methods and protocols.

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit

In conjunction with other professionals-physical planners, surveyors and engineers. evaluating and determining the impact of development activities and climate change on all spheres of livelihood-economic, socio-cultural and psychological in order to have minimal negative impact on the environment.

Data Collection Tools

For questionnaires demanding reliably high-quality data, we seamlessly integrate CAPI, CAFE, or PAPI methodologies, ensuring the utmost precision and accuracy. Leveraging cutting-edge platforms such as Dooblo, Nebu, and Kobo ToolBox, we ensure seamless data acquisition.